The Sci-Bono Science Career Centre is a full service facility which offers career education, info, guidance and counselling services to learners in Gauteng including out of school youth. The Centre houses a modern and well equipped client walk-in center which is staffed by experienced Career Education Facilitators who provide individual career advisory services to inner city out of school youth, parents and the general public.


The Centre also supports parents and youth with career info and skills resources to enable them to facilitate their children’s career development and planning. It also deliver a series of parenting skills workshops especially in low economy communities in order to empower young parents to become better parents.


The Career Centre focuses primarily but not exclusively on science and technology careers in order to align to as well as complement Sci-Bono’s vision of a society that is equipped with skills, attitudes and values needed to improve the quality of life of all South Africans.


The Centre offers four main programs:


1. Career Info, Education and Advisory Services

2. Special Programs which focus on Science and Technology

3. Career Development Support and Counselling Services

4. Psychometrics and Educational Psychology Internships



The activities in this program include various forms and categories of standardized psychometric assessments as well as non-standardized assessment tools. These range from careers, psycho-educational and selection assessments into job as well as for training opportunities. The program also offers therapeutic and counselling services including trauma debriefing and crisis intervention services to clients as and when needed.


Career Assessments

This program offers individual and group career assessments for Grade 9 and Grade 11/12 subject and career or study choices respectively. Booking is essential in order to access the services


Psycho-educational Assessments

The program offers psycho-educational assessments for the identification of learning disabilities that affect behavior and emotional functioning. It also assist clients with assessments for learning difficulties, multiple disabilities and intellectual disabilities as well as develop individual plans for rehabilitation and remediation. Booking is essential in order to access the services


Counselling and Therapy Services

The counselling services program conducts psychological screening and assessment for short-term psychological interventions, identifies mental health challenges and contains clients with presenting difficulties using of basic psychometric and psychological assessment tools and instruments.


It also provides preventative, developmental counselling services, interventions and referrals where appropriate. The service runs programs that promote psychological well-being and prevention as well as psycho-educational group work across all ages. The services include workshops to help learners to develop good study habits, self-discipline and dealing with bullying in school among others. Booking is essential in order to access the services





The Career Development Support and Counselling Services program also hosts a structured annual internship program for the practicum training of Student Psychometrists and Educational Psychology Masters students to prepare them for the national board exams which lead to eventual registration as independent practitioners with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)


Intern Educational Psychologists and Student Psychometrists carry out duties and undergo training under the supervision of a registered Resident Educational Psychologist and the Resident Psychometrist. Intern Psychologists receive continuous multi-disciplinary training throughout the year, relevant to HPCSA requirements and functions carried by the psychological services function in the Career Centre.


To make bookings for Career Development and Counselling Services programs and services, contact:


Margeaux Groenewald at 011 639 8400/8434

Email address:






This program delivers group presentations and workshops series for Grades 7 – 12 learners. The activities are aligned to the Life Orientation CAPS curriculum.


The program runs the following activities throughout the year:


Grade 7 – 12 Career Info Presentations and Workshops

The presentations and workshops focus on the world of work, study and employment options, subject and careers choices as well as the development of self in society. The content is aligned to the Life Orientation CAPS curriculum.


Work Readiness Workshops

This program consists of a series of employability workshops specifically tailored for out of school youth. It equips youth with job search and workplace integration skills. The content covers 21st century soft skills topics such as emotional intelligence, self- awareness and self – regulation, team work, communication, mindfulness and resilience among others.


It covers interesting topics such as job search skills, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and regulation, team work and collaboration, employability enhancers as well as skills for workplace integration.


Client Walk-In Career Info Centre

The walk-in centre is used by used by inner city out of school youth to do desktop careers research for study and job opportunities, self-directed career exploration exercises as well as for the collection of other career related physical resources – brochures, factsheets, booklets. It is also used for study purposes and group discussions by learners who are on the Grade 12 re-write program.




The activities in this program have a strong science and technology career focus and are aligned to Sci-Bono’s vision. They focus on the critical and scarce skills categories, emphasize the importance of mathematics, science and technology as gateway subjects, the future of work in the era of 4IR all of which aim to improve and contribute to the uptake of science and technology study programs and careers in higher education.


Industry Tours

This activity is part of Sci-Bono’s learner industry tours initiative and provides a platform for Grade 9 learners to experience work environments, which employ skills in the trades and vocations. The aim is to contribute to the growth of the pipeline for artisans, technicians and tradesmen, technical skills which are desperately needed in the economy.


Learners visit mechanical workshops in the manufacturing industry (steel, construction and automotive industry sectors) in order to get first-hand experience of the technologies involved, nature of the work environment, possible careers and course requirements as well as interact with real life professional role models.


Campus Tours

This program offers excursions to universities in order to expose Grade 11 learners to the inner workings of higher education institutions, visits to faculties at universities, entry requirements as well as student life in order to inspire them to aspire to aspire to higher education studies especially in STEM.


Annual Girl Learner Program

The program exposes girl learners to role models and influential women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), creates a platform for girl learners and role models in academia and industry to discuss study and work opportunities in SET. It also provides opportunities for girl learners to engage in discussions and debates with accomplished women about gender issues and the factors that impede or promote the successful integration of young women in the World of Work.


Gateway to the Future: STEM Careers in the era of 4IR

This program is a showcase of technologies that derive from real life applications of artificial intelligence as a result of the 4IR. It also advocates for STEM careers and the importance of science, mathematics and technology as gateway subjects. The sessions focus on novel and emerging careers in STEM and how these careers are going to change the way we work, the growth or decline of some careers and how the learners must begin to embrace Industry 4.0 as part of a new normal. It is particularly appealing to Grade 9 learners who are at the cusp of choosing subjects in Grade 10 and is therefore offered to influence attitudes and values towards STEM.


Grade 7 Science Fair: National Careers Dress Up Day

This is a national day in the school calendar in which learners in Grade 7 dress up in apparel, tools and equipment used in careers they aspire to. Learners also get some insights into the world of work, new careers, which jobs will be in demand in future and how they should prepare for them. They also get to understand the subjects and qualities required, possible employers, work environments in a particular job and they use the info to complete worksheets as part of their portfolio for the Life Orientation subject.


Representative Council of Learners (RCL) Dialogues and Debates

The dialogues are intended to start a conversation among youth, learners, educators and industry on how the workplace will look like in the next two to three decades as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They also highlight the importance of Science and Mathematics as gateway subjects to successful careers of the future, entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation and an alternative mode of employment that has the potential to introduce new competition in the economy.


Growing our own Timber: Agriculture Careers Day

This is a focus day aimed at promoting and advancing the Agriculture industry and its sectors to the schooling community. It also aims to project the agriculture industry as an employer of choice, create a platform for learners and educators to interact with role models and industry experts employed in the industry, showcase the full range of career opportunities available in the industry, occupations in high demands as well as help contribute to the uptake of Agriculture from high school into institutions of higher learning.


Mining our own steel: Manufacturing Careers Day

This is a focus day aimed at promoting and advancing the Manufacturing and Engineering industry and its sectors to the schooling community. It also aims to project the manufacturing industry as an employer of choice, create a platform for learners and educators to interact with role models and industry experts employed in the industry, showcase the full range of career opportunities available in the industry, occupations in high demands as well as help contribute to the uptake of Science, Technical Mathematics and Technical Science from high school into institutions of higher learning.


Participation at external expos

The Centre also gets invited and participates in career expos hosted by schools, communities and different faith organizations.


To make bookings for the Career Education, Info and Advisory Services programs and activities, contact:


Phelelia Sekele at 011 639 8400/8462

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